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Valentine’s Day in Style

February 11th, 2013

The most romantic day of the year is less than 72 hours away.

Got a plan? You gotta have a plan.

Here are some ideas.

 1. Get Fancy

07 copy tie

When was the last time you and your girl got fancy?

Chances are, she has a sexy dress in the back of her closet that she’s been waiting for an occasion to wear. If she doesn’t, maybe you can start the celebration early by taking her shopping for a little something special. A side note from experience: keep in mind that dress shopping can be a little stressful for a woman. If she can’t find the perfect fit, don’t forget, you have a good relationship with a great tailor (right?).

We found Karyn’s vintage dress at Fabulous Fannies in the lower east side and had our friends at The Tailoring Room nip it up. She’s also wearing the most stunning diamonds I’ve ever seen in person from Van Cleef & Arpels.

08 copy

I love formalwear. It’s man at his best. Definitely my favorite category to design, and wear. For that reason, I’m always open for an occasion to break out a classic tuxedo or swagged-out dinner jacket.

The opera is one of the few readily accessible occasions that allows for formal attire. So buy some tickets and get fancy. It makes for an occasion that is romantic and memorable. And don’t forget, a tuxedo is not designed to be taken off early. Find a swanky lounge near your place after the show and don’t be afraid to pick up the tempo with a few stiff drinks.

10 copy

I designed this perforated velvet dinner jacket extra-slim through the midsection, with a buttonhole on each front panel. Then I sewed two grosgrain-covered front buttons together with a 3″ sterling silver chain.

In my opinion, this “removable toggle button” is an innovative accessory that puts a very subtle spin on the classic dinner jacket silhouette. I made a few different versions of the toggle as well, one with a gold chain, one braided leather with silver buttons, etc.

Special thanks to The Metropolitan Opera for allowing us to shoot in their legendary space at Lincoln Center. Check out this week’s performance schedule here.

11 copy

Textured White Broadcloth Shirt

  • Black perforated velvet dinner jacket ·
  • Removable toggle button with silver chain Handmade by Dan Trepanier ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Black silk cummerbund by Brooks Brothers ·
  • Charcoal wool/cashmere bowtie Vintage ·
  • Black velvet tassel slippers by Stubbs & Wooton
  • · White hidden placket formal shirt by Boss Black

2. Outdoor Adventure


Romance doesn’t have to be all grand and serious.

Perhaps planning a fun outdoor activity, like ice skating, is more your speed.

Find a quaint spot for warm soup and hot coco afterwards and enjoy the beauty of winter together.


Whatever you end up doing, make sure you dress the part for the big day.

She will certainly take notice and appreciate the romantic gesture.


Alex rarely wears a suit, but he’s a master at getting the most out of his garments. Here he layers up his bespoke flannel jacket with white jeans and rugged boots, perfect for an afternoon date in winter wonderland.

Special thanks to Alex’s girlfriend Jessica Varley for taking time out of her busy theatre schedule to participate in the shoot!

  • Cotton beanie by Levis ·
  • Grey flannel suit jacket ·
  • Chambray scarf by The Hillside ·
  • White cotton pocket square ·
  • Navy Windowpane Shirt by Gap ·
  • Burgundy wool knit tie Vintage ·
  • Brown woven leather gloves by Hilts and Willard ·
  • Slim white jeans by Levi’s ·
  • Round toe boots by Red Wing

3. Flex Your Culinary Muscles


Don’t feel like going out?

Plan a romantic dinner for two and share a bottle of wine over some intimate one-on-one time. Don’t forget to set the mood with proper lighting, music, and perhaps her favorite movie afterwards.

Just because you’re at home, though, doesn’t mean you should wear your sweat pants or other lounge gear. Keep it sexy and simple like Townsend here in a classic oxford, cardigan, slim jeans and house slips.


For the record, Towni cooked for our whole crew after this shoot.

It wouldn’t be fair to him if I didn’t mention that he hooked up some of the best lamb chops I’ve ever had. The guy knows his way around the kitchen, to say the least.

“To start, goat cheese bruschetta on toasted ciabatta. Main course is seared lamb chops with a rosemary herb dressing. On the side, an arugula salad with pears, candied walnuts, parmesan cheese, fried crispy pancetta and a homemade orange champagne vinaigrette. For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries, of course.”

03 copy
  • “Downing” glasses by Warby Parker ·
  • Stonewashed oxford shirt by J. Crew ·
  • Brown cardigan by J.Crew ·
  • Watch by Timex for J.Crew ·
  • Slim washed denim jeans by Polo Ralph Lauren ·
  • Forest green velvet slippers by Del Toro

4. Going Solo


Single this season? This should be a big night for you too.

The romance in the air on Valentine’s Day draws singles out looking for love…or something like that.

05 copy

So throw on a fitted black leather jacket, some slim dark denim and a sexy pair of boots and get your mingling on, player.

As always, simplicity, confidence and a laidback nonchalance will go a long way.


Great Depths Glenplaid Vest

  • Black leather jacket by Ralph Lauren Purple Label ·
  • White/grey check french cuff shirt ·
  • Slim straight indigo jeans by JCrew ·
  • Black chelsea boots by Cole Hann
  • · Grey flannel glenplaid Vest


Dress to impress and make it one to remember!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford