Corduroy Suits Part II: Dressed-Down

February 27th, 2013

Corduroy suits are as practical for the weekend as they are for the office.

Following up on “Part I: Dressed-Up“, here are the same three corduroy suits, dressed-down.

1. Suit, Sweater, Sneaks


With the back and forth weather of NYC, every once in a while we get a warm sunny day in the middle of February.

One of my go-to “casual” looks for late winter/early spring: heavy suit + textured knit + classy sneakers.


The keys to a sharp casual look are simplicity, fit, color and texture.

And don’t forget the accessories. A simple look benefits from finishing touches like subtle, minimal jewelry.


These are one of the few pairs of sneakers I own that are beautfiully crafted. The suede and patent leather are top quality, and the design is simple and smart. They have the comfort and casual nature of a sneaker, with a hint of elegance and maturity.

They actually look and feel more like a pair of benchmade lace-ups than a typical pair of factory-made runners.


Chestnut Corduroy Suit

  • Gold Plated hand-engraved shades by Matsuda ·
  • Linen knit sweater by Zara ·
  • Brown bandana as pocket square ·
  • Necklaces from NYC Street Artist ·
  • “Stella” Watch by Brera Orologi ·
  • Brass spike cuff by Giles & Brothers ·
  • Slim brown leather belt Vintage ·
  • Brown suede captoe sneakers by Lanvin
  • · Khaki corduroy suit

2. Casual but Sharp


As I mentioned, I wear this double-breasted cord jacket more often as a “tailored peacoat” than a full suit. It’s extremely warm and tougher than it looks.

As Towni mentioned, the subtle popped-collar under turleneck is a micro-trend that we have been diggin’.


All about them Winter Whites.

  • Navy corduroy double breasted suit jacket ·
  • Grey fine-guage wool turtleneck by Uniqlo ·
  • Denim western shirt by Levi’s ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Brown suede Ring belt by Brooks Brothers ·
  • White denim jeans by Helmut Lang ·
  • Brown suede wingtips by JCrew

3. High/Low


A corduroy suit jacket is the kind of piece you can just throw on, no matter what you’re wearing (provided you have a well-edited wardrobe).

I like mixing tailored jackets with more casual pieces – like a vintage peacoat, a pair of alpine boots and a $5 street beanie.


Don’t be afraid to wear your “nice” clothes. Well-made pieces are built to last and will get better with time. They’re not doing any good in the back of your closet.

A corduroy jacket is a great example of a piece that gets better with wear. Over time it will mold to the shape of your body, providing a better fit, and the fabric will take-on a natural broken-in character.


Putting some final spins on my winter boots before Spring comes around for real.

  • Black beanie from NYC street stand ·
  • Navy peacoat Vintage naval issue ·
  • Blue striped cotton top by Saint James ·
  • Black woven leather gloves by Hilts and Willard ·
  • Washed denim by Rag & Bone ·
  • Alpine boots by Kenneth Cole


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford