How to Tie a Scarf When it’s Really Cold

January 25th, 2013


Hey Articles of Style Men,

Quick question: What’s your go-to scarf knot when it’s REALLY cold out? I’m trying to stay as warm as possible.

Please keep up the awesome work!

Articles of Style:

Excellent question. A scarf is only as warm as the knot you tie.

Here myself, Towni and Wes show you our favorite knots for staying warm during those “f-ck it’s cold!” days.

Hope this helps player.


How to tie a scarf for men with style

This hand-knit “Soopascarf” by Yokoo is an absolute beast.

I call this knot the once-around ascot:

1-4. Once around the neck, keeping it high and tight on the chin.
5. If you get the proportions right after the once-around, one end should dangle slightly longer than the other.
6. Pass the slightly longer end over, behind, up and around the slightly shorter end (like the first part of tying your shoes).
7. Pull tight.
8. Adjust the top end so that it sits flat over the bottom end (similar to tying an ascot).
9. Fasten both hanging ends inside your jacket.
10. Pop lapels to seal in body heat.


How to tie a scarf for men with style

Just an average-sized wool scarf in a versatile shade of olive.

The knot is the classic noose loop:

1-2. Fold scarf in half.
3-4. Wrap folded scarf around the back of neck.
5-6. Pass both ends together through the folded loop.
7-8. Pull tight.
9-10. Adjust scarf so it sits high on the neck/face.


How to tie a scarf for men with style

This fringed houndstooth scarf has been in my family for as long as I can remember.

I call this knot the donut tuck:

1-6. Wrap scarf around neck twice.
7-10. Tuck the loose ends up, over and behind both wrap-arounds. Simple, symmetric, secure.

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Photography by Alex Crawford.

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