Weekend Layers Feat. Grayson Knight

January 18th, 2013

The problem with a heavy winter coat is that it consumes 3/4 of the body. So rather than presenting a thoughtfully put-together, visually interesting outfit, you’re showing the world one giant (usually ugly and boring) parka.

Forget that same big-ass North Face every day and get creative with layering pieces that represent your point-of-view on style. The added bonus is, with temperatures changing so quickly throughout the day, you can add or remove items as need be.

Here, after killing it with his tailored post Tattooed & Timeless, Grayson Knight shows us how he layers up some gorgeous duds on the weekend.

1. Properly Invested

Black calfskin vest with off-white shearling collar?! That’s some real sh-t.

“The khaki cotton jacket is a great layering piece too – it’s sort of the upper body equivalent of everyman’s go-to chinos.”

“Here I have a wool shirt/jacket layered over an indigo workshirt… and a multicolored loop scarf by Billy Reid.”

“The shoes and the bag are tobacco colored pigskin – an intense pop of color that is all natural and breaks in beautifully.”

  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Ray Ban ·
  • Black calfskin leather vest by Billy Reid ·
  • Tan jacket by Billy Reid ·
  • Wool herringbone shacket by Billy Reid ·
  • Indigo cotton work shirt by Billy Reid ·
  • Multicolored loop scarf by Billy Reid ·
  • 100% american selvage jeans by Billy Reid ·
  • Brown leather boots by Billy Reid ·
  • Tobacco leather briefcase by Billy Reid

2. Diversify Your Cottons

We talk a lot about mixing fabrics here on Articles of Style. What I love about this look is that everything Grayson is wearing is cotton (with the exception of the boots), but in all kinds of forms and textures.

“This burnt orange FM Allan jacket was a very special gift a couple years ago. It’s a classic beeswaxed cotton made in the US – kind of a cross between a Barbour and a Belstaff, but with a little more color.”

“The green corduroy piece is a quail jacket by Billy Reid, the knit is a military style pullover with an awesome blue/grey texture, and the scarf is 100% indigo dyed cotton.”

“The boots are a Roper style lug sole, which is great for the outdoors in any weather.

The bag is a small canvas duffle made and washed in Bolivar, TN, also by Billy Reid.”


  • Burnt orange beeswax hunting jacket by FM Allan ·
  • Indigo dyed cotton scarf Vintage ·
  • Green corduroy quail jacket by Billy Reid ·
  • Blue military style pullover by Billy Reid ·
  • 100% american selvage jeans by Billy Reid ·
  • Brown “Roper” style boot Vintage ·
  • Grey canvas duffle by Billy Reid

3. Tobacco Leather

One of my favorite things about Grayson’s style is that he almost exclusively wears items that are well-made and get better with wear.

“This is probably my favorite leather piece from Billy Reid’s Fall 2012 collection. It’s an expertly tailored lambskin in a beautiful tobacco color that only gets more interesting with age.”

“Here I have a navy/brown flannel workshirt layered over a linen popover that I never had a chance to wear this past Spring.

The heavy indigo linen and brass snaps make it a great layering piece – one that I can wear it year round.”

“I chose the grey moleskin jeans because they come in handy this time of year, when it’s freezing in NYC. They have an awesome slight bootcut.”

For the record, this is one of the few times we’ve featured a pair of bootcut jeans on the site – and they look awesome! The key is the subtlety of their “flair” and, of coure, fitting them over a great pair of boots.

  • Tobacco lamb skin leather jacket by Billy Reid ·
  • Burgundy cotton scarf by Billy Reid ·
  • Navy/brown striped flannel workshirt by Billy Reid ·
  • Indigo heavy linen pullover by Billy Reid ·
  • Grey moleskin jeans by Billy Reid ·
  • Brown leather boot by Billy Reid


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford