Winter’s Bone Feat. Alberto Felix

January 7th, 2013

We first met Alberto at one of our Articles of Style reader parties last year. What stood out was his ability to combine interesting textures, patterns and colors in a way that was eye-catching but strangely subtle at the same time.

“I was formerly a sneakerhead and although I still have an appreciation for an OG pair of Jordans, my first corporate internship compelled me to evolve my style … Articles of Style helped make the transition a lot easier.”

Here, the Baruch College finance student highlights one of is favorite winter fabrics –  herringbone tweed.

1. Seasonally Suited

On a mild day you don’t need an overcoat, just a badass winter suit.

The biggest advantage of a heavily textured suit is it’s versatility. It’s sharp enough for a business environment, but looks much less “corporate stiff” when you leave work, take the tie off, and hit a swanky bar.

“What I like most about this herringbone suit is the way it effortlessly transitions from a full day at the office to a night out in the city.”

This look is also a great example of how to properly mix patterns.

With oversized trouser cuffs trending, it’s refreshing to see a mini cuff…especially on top of a beautiful pair of shoes.


Cashmere Thoughts Herringbone Suit

  • Blue stripe contrast collar shirt Custom made ·
  • Red/grey/white stripe tie by Brooks Brothers Black Fleece ·
  • Cotton plaid pocket square by TheTieBar ·
  • SIlver tie bar by Kenneth Cole ·
  • Red dress socks by J.Crew ·
  • Brown leather/suede spectators by Barker Black
  • · Grey/Navy herringbone suit by GANT Michael Bastian

2. Ballsy Business Casual


“Here’s to pushing the limits of casual Friday.”

A herringbone tweed blazer in a staple color (like brown, navy or grey) is a wardrobe workhorse.

Not only can it be dressed up or down for just about any occasion, but it can also serve as a go-to piece of outerwear for the Spring and Fall.

Another good example of pattern-mixing here.

Check-on-check with the bold gingham shirt and the subtle blackwatch trousers.

Slippers to the office is a bold move, especially in the winter (even if they’re tweed).

Ultimately, when taking style risks at work you have to understand your office culture, as well as your perceived role within it.

“You’ll either get props, or you’ll get sent home…haha”


Brown Gingham Shirt

  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Persol ·
  • Brown herringbone blazer by Club Monaco ·
  • Navy knit tie by J.Crew ·
  • Camo pocket square Handmade ·
  • Blackwatch plaid trousers by J.Crew ·
  • Tweed slippers by Rugby Ralph Lauren ·
  • Tie Clip by TheTieBar
  • · Brown gingham shirt by Ovadia & Sons

3. Cold Weather Color

“I like the versatility of this charcoal herringbone coat. It’s the only topcoat I need since it goes with everything and it’s short enough to wear casually on the weekend.

It also effectively mutes a bolder jacket/trouser combo, like this plum windowpane blazer and royal navy pant.”

As Alberto proves here, you can pull-off color in the Winter…just a different type of color.

Naturally, colors that are cooler in temperature are better suited for winter weather – avoid brights and pastels.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend a pocket square in a topcoat, but Alberto pulls it off as a nice dandy touch.

  • Charcoal herringbone topcoat by J.Crew ·
  • Beige/pink pocket square by Armstrong & Wilson ·
  • Plum blazer by Paul Stuart Phineas Cole ·
  • Cardinal stripe shirt by GANT Michael Bastian ·
  • Brown print tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label ·
  • SIlver tie bar by Kenneth Cole ·
  • Watch by Timex for J.Crew ·
  • Blue trousers by Incotex Slowear ·
  • Pink socks by J.Crew ·
  • Brown Leather Archdale Wingtip by Barker Black


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford