“The Air Tie” feat. Olivier Rassinoux

July 28th, 2012

Olivier Rassinoux has a unique sense of style. I would call it “quirky tailoring”. He finds a perfect balance between his bespoke gentleman side and his eclectic hipster vibe.

As the general manager of DBGB, chef Daniel Boulud’s downtown kitchen and bar on The Bowery, Olivier gets suited up for work, but not in a way that would get him confused for a Wall Street banker. He’s also been rocking the “air tie” long before it became en vogue.

Here, the hospitality vet with experience in San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Caymen Islands, shows us how he gets down at the restaurant and at his awesome man pad in Brooklyn.

 1. Downtown Commute

Some industries, like hospitality or nightlife, require a suit, but not necessarily one that looks stiff and corporate.

Give it some personality, like Olivier does here with this double breasted windowpane suit with colored buttonholes, cut-away collar shirt with his signature air tie and cool retro glasses.

Most importantly, he pulls it off because he’s confident and doesn’t take himself too seriously. (Yea, a badass vintage bike helps too)

2. Tailored on the Move

Here’s an example of a tailored look that is comfortable and easy to move around in.

A waistcoat with peak lapels is a great alternative to wearing a jacket, for those who need to stay cool and be active in their tailored wear.

Olivier is also almost fully tatted up, but he does a great job of covering up and looking professional when he needs to.

“On the clock” his tats are easily hidden, but off-duty he has plenty of wicked body art to show off:

A slightly shorter hem,  a cuffed trouser, a little sock and a shoe with subtle detailing.

3. The Comfy Suit

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Olivier has all these suits with unexpected details. This one, for example, is built for comfort.

For a guy who’s running in out of the kitchen all night, comfort and range of motion go a long way.


It doesn’t get much more cozy than a soft fabric with an elastic waistband on the trousers!

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Carrying dress shoes to work on a rainy day is a hassle – just get some mid-cut dress boots.

In a medium brown, they’ll work with almost anything.

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Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.