Geek Chic: Short-Sleeved Shirts

July 7th, 2012

Short sleeve button-down shirts are very underrated.

Somewhere along the way, due mostly to popular culture, they picked up a bad reputation. Nerdy, sloppy, “middle management”, etc.

A properly fitting short-sleeved shirt, however, is one of the coolest shirts you can own.

Here’s some tips on how to pull them off for those hot summer days.

1. Business Casual Cool

The fit needs to be slim through the body, with a narrow sleeve that skims the arm and hits about halfway down the bicep.

A billowy shirt with a baggy sleeve down to the elbow is not going to be taken seriously.

If you’re only going to get one, I’d say make it 100% linen in a neutral-colored check or plaid pattern.

With tropical weight hopsack trousers, this is one of the best combos for “business casual” on a sticky hot day.

  • Medium brown loafers by Scarpe di Bianco ·
  • Tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Plaid linen s/s shirt ·
  • Brown alligator belt and silver buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label ·
  • Brown alligator watch band by Montblanc

2. Beach Getaway

A seersucker s/s is the perfect layer for a beach weekend, for when the sun goes down (or your skin just needs a break).

A chest pocket is a great feature. Use it for your sunglasses when you remove them from your face.

This look was featured in last summer’s Hot Weather Neckline post.

  • Distressed jeans by Levis Vintage ·
  • White graphic tank by PegLeg NYC ·
  • Orange short-sleeved seersucker shirt by Land’s End ·
  • Brown leather strap sandals by Mercanti Forentini ·
  • Brass railroad spike cuff bracelet by Giles & Brother ·
  • Leather duffle bag by Lotuff & Clegg ·
  • “Stella” Watch by Brera Orologi ·
  • Wooden shades by Shwood

3. Keep it Lighthearted

The short sleeved with a tie is already a little kitchy, so have a little fun with a retro pattern. The brown/burgundy micro square pattern is just subtle enough to work with a tie, and just cool enough to wear open over a tank top.

Also, lighten up your entire look with summer accessories like a thin silk knit tie, grosgrain watch strap and classic aviator shades.


Light Navy Essential Suit

  • Burgundy striped knit tie Vintage ·
  • Medium brown loafers by Scarpe di Bianco ·
  • White Short Sleeve Shirt (Handmade) ·
  • Aviator shades by Ralph Lauren Purple Label ·
  • Beige watch strap from ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker
  • · Navy Wool Suit

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford.